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Welcome to The Lean Grownup, a discussion about applying lean agile concepts in large companies.

I don't just mean lean agile IT practices, though that is a major part of it, but also how these concepts can help strategic planning, business processes, financial planning, business development, and of course, product development – within major corporations.

I'm Kevin Heery, Digital Technology Director at IPC Media where I am working to implement these practices in an incremental fashion, brand by brand. I'll be posting about the techniques we use and give you an idea about how well they are working vs more traditional approaches. Having said that, I won't be divulging too much detail about the specific brands we are working on as it's not for me to publicise information on IPC's specific projects.

If you're reading this then you may already be aware of, or even an active part of, the Lean Startup movement, a catalyst for which is the superb, eye-opening and mind changing book, The Lean Startup, by Eric Ries.

Large organisations have been slow to embrace lean concepts, sometimes applying them only to IT and feeling that they've covered it, but blind to the fact that the best of the startup community are moving many times faster, with more focused strategies, and somehow, with much less resource.

Why? Because they use lean processes right from the analysis of their strategic gaps, through planning, objective setting, team development and on to the delivery of their products and services.

Anyway. I hope everyone finds this blog useful – it won't be if it's just me preaching, so I'm relying on input from as many people as possible. Please contribute or get in touch.

Kevin Heery

(This is a personal blog, so my views are my own and all that)